We are born to save

Human life, wildlife, bird and animal saviour Bhavan Gulabbhai Patel trained Paramilitary Indian Army Air Borne Para Troopers Training school, Agra Cant, INDIA. Trained High Altitude Search & Rescue Mountaineer, Member of International Disaster Rescue Corps-IDRC, Adventure Programme Leader & Search & Rescue Operation Leader, Guest Faculty In National Civil Defense College Nagpur Maharashtra-GOVT. Of India, Ministry Of Home Affairs,& professional Field Training Director In CAC- Allrounder Adventure Training Organization. First Responder Bhavan G. Patel Is Basically From Karmabhumi Nagpur City. His 15 Years Of Work Experience In CAC Allrounder Rescue Team, Govt, Of India-Ministry Of Home Affairs Disaster Management Institute National Civil Defense College Nagpur,Never Stop-Life Save Rescue Organisation, IDRC- International Disaster Rescue Corps Organization & Many More.


1. To Expand our activities & serving to meet the growing demands of poor & needy people.
2 To save the life of human as well as birds life & wild life.
3. To Serve the disaster victims, by giving them immediate relief by distributing food, drinking water, biscuits & blankets.
4.To Aware more & more people all ages group, by applying complete banned on Chinese nylon thread manja to help thousands of birds life, which have to give their live because of this dangerous Chinese nylon manja powdered glass coated strings manaja.
5. To Trained people by giving them rescue first responder training. So that they can help themselves as well as other in danger disaster situation.
6. Want to create a team of people to work for poor affected & needy.


1. In starting I did not got help from Indian Government Administratives. they did not provide Helicopter to help the people which were stuck in the kedarnath tragedy uttrakhand disaster India.
2. They Did not received our phone calls for 15 days district magistrate office.
3. At that time my survival rescue life gear complete kit self funding plan helped me.
4. Other than that Government Officer Capt. G. S. Sainy. VSM Director Of National Civil Defense College Nagpur Govt. Of India, Ministry Of Home Affairs. Also help me.
5. Dr. Dttatray Patil Govt. Medical Officer. Ministry Of Health Department Maharashtra provides the latest internet information to what where which when to go to the need place spot update information.
6. Ramesh Singh Rawat & lucky sing Rawat Both My Local Friends who provides with map & rescue plan in the mountains route of rescue trek whether information. transport check victim, latest rescue msg Etc.
7.Kedarnath Air lift Rescue Operation Pilot & Para commandos C


1. I would like to open Disaster Training Academy In India.
2. In which disaster affected, youth community as well as other people will be trained for future danger.
3. Also would like to train handicapped deaf & dumb & poor people first responder to save life.
4. And will minimize disaster impact as possible.
5. We would like to cover International disaster impact area also who needs our rescue help.
6 We more & more people educate the disaster knowledge & survive life disaster citation people trained so benefit Disaster free country e.g. minimize the casualties instant recovery community responder help
8. International disaster rescue corps in cooperation with SAARC countries SOUTH ASIAN ASSOCIATION FOR REGIONAL COOPERATION.


1. Got support from all over INDIA.
2. More & more people comes front to help other people.
3. Got Support from Disaster Impact Area people.
4. Also got selected for 2016-JANUARY Month International Disaster Presentation Program SARRRC country-Bhutan Mountain Border Police Bhutan .
5. Got Support from Air flight.
6. Got Support from electronic media & print media & radio media.
7. Got help from local transport.
8. We were able to help more & more human life, bird life, wild life.


1. Lack of Funds
2. Lack of Transports system
3. Lack of Resources of training area, projector, speaker etc.
4. Technological Supports for awareness given by banners, poster, browser, booklets.
5. Training Team Expenses Food Transport lodging boarding, training fees personal growth.
6. Less equipment of rescue life gear & tents mountains rescue ropes etc.
7. New disaster rescue operation training fees & travelling expenses etc.
8. Communication system & communication bill during disaster talk expenses.
9. Storage of rescue operation life gear store room rent.
10. Lack of program me location not help cooperation for the society.
1. When I was six I fell and got head injury. I had lost so much blood in my head, because no one took to the hospital immediately. I have learnt a biggest lesson from that case. Which was that I had thought there were unlimited people who were in danger but they were not able to save their life because there were no one to help them. So I must help others.


WE BORN TO SAVE,I had learned lot of experience during natural disaster & manmade disaster & road incident wild life & bird life rescue operation. I have had learned from that experience how to help, how to reach at danger disaster place. Document permission processes in disaster time were also learnt. During Rescue Operation we have to deal with different languages because of that we have to learn different languages to help people victim family. For different operation how much fund required we are now able to calculate that easily we still have a long way to go & more & many thing to learn from our future experiences. And I’m ready to face them also without any fear because my & my team motto is CONFIDENCE TO GO AHEAD & ABOVE. MISSION save LIFE.I n hazards & disaster our aim is to save more & more people & property to be always ready in times of emergency. To inspire more & more people for rescue work. We born to Save, Rescue & Humanity in my red blood.