National Youth Empowerment Conference [IMPACT – Pakistan]

An estimate states that the ratio of school going youth is 30% in Pakistan and the schools are also not equipped with good syllabus or a back dated curriculum is being followed which not only affects the quality of good youth but also cease them to learn further skill based learning.
Zeeshan James believes that "unleashing the potential within the youth will help us create a better society which will benefit to the national economics”. This is critically important as studies have demonstrated that in educational institutions the material and quality of school decreases the brilliance of young people.
Zeeshan James has a vision to overcome this lacking by organizing such events which will address issues, groom skills and polish the Youth towards a better direction.


Zeeshan James started this initiative along with volunteers from corporate sector, as a multi-disciplinary organization addressing social and economic challenges, through provision of information, finances, skill development and moral support to non-functional and disadvantaged families.

Empowering youth people with self-initiatives and raising funds through Tithes and local fund raising without seeking foreign aid or governmental support; with objectives:

• To empower less-privileged for better living
• To groom young people; impart skill to earn their own bread and butter
• To utilize young pool of professional for capacity building trainings
• To encourage volunteerism to uplift depressed communities


IMPACT – Pakistan was founded in 2003 by Zeeshan James in Islamabad with volunteers and now working in all four provinces on volunteer basis; no paid staff but yet youth is being trained and knowledge is being imparted, opportunities are created for these young people. It is an ongoing commitment which is achieving milestones.


Zeeshan James is a visionary person who uses people management skills more than technology; but yet he motivates professional friends to share equipment such as sound system, music system, video projection for each event he organizes for young people.

Zeeshan James says that young people should be treated as “chosen people, royal folks, holy part of nation and God’s special possession”, and at every event the participants are given the best in food, material, ambiance, and information.


Zeeshan James through IMPACT-Pakistan organizes two days Youth Conference each quarter every year in different parts of country, where a blend of urban, semi urban, and rural youth can easily get access and ‘Unleash their potential’. The main theme of this conference is to up lift community, which no doubt is talented, energetic and has potential to create a difference but unfortunately lacks direction and guidance.
National Youth Empowerment Conference enables to assemble a large cluster of youth from different parts of Country regardless of any discrimination. Leaders and Professionals volunteers themselves to share and impart their knowledge, experiences and guide the strategies to become successful and to meet the global challenges.


Resistance to change is the biggest challenge faced to change the mindset of professionals and corporate people to extend support without expectation of monetary reward

Funds to initiate the cause were another major challenge and are still faced as certain level but volunteers extend as best as they can.


Zeeshan James quotes; “Someone has built you, you build someone” and “pay back to the community’




Karachi, Sindh



Zeeshan James Sandhu