The film LIZA was written and produced by MUHIRE Jean Claude. It is a fictional story that centers on the plight of an orphan that survives the brutality of being sexually abused by her uncle. MUHIRE wrote it after experiencing the lives of orphans when he was volunteer at the former Kimisagara Orphanage. Through this film, MUHIRE tries to get his audience to understand the terror that can happen when those most vulnerable children are taken advantage of and how difficult it can make their lives. Also, the audience can better understand how putting children in families is not enough to ensure their well-being. Later on, he decided to fight so hard for people whose voices are often ignored and his message was to bring out these problems as well as to make sure that all young children are well treated. Last but not least, LIZA film acted as a reminder of what kind of world we are living in and what should be done to reduce the violence that is found in many communities.


- Discussing the problem of Domestic Violence
- Teaching about the Dangers of Drug Use
- Teaching the importance of Caretakers to look after children’s well-being
- Teaching about Advocacy and speaking out about abuse and the role of supporters in the community
- Teaching a real life!


Muhire’s major accomplishment is raising awareness of the topic by discussing his film in various local media interviews, and thus fighting back against the idea that this issue should stay hidden due to its controversial nature. He wants to empower young girls and women (and all victims of Violence) to know that society does not approve of this behavior and will support them fighting back against their abusers. His contribution has been unique because not only he is a young man discussing a sexual topic, but also he is also willing to attack the concept that domestic issues should be dealt with solely within the family as to not bring shame on the whole family. By breaking the taboo surrounding child sexual abuse, and bringing attention to this problem, he is working to “end abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture against children (Sustainable Development Goal No 16.2)”.


The Filmmaker wrote his film based on a true story he heard from one child who was raped when she left an orphanage to family. Thus, Sharing Liza’s story through this movie show the world that there are various and serious initiatives that have to be taken into considering to avoid and fight the violence against the young kids, especially girls.


The impact of LIZA film turn around the result of crucial change attained from the changing people’s minds. This was achievable by different individuals, agencies, companies and other bodies being both private and government entities which really appreciated the content of the movie whose content was stated previously. Furthermore, social media served much to display the positive impact that the community gained from the initiative of MUHIRE.
Because of his film LIZA, MUHIRE was nominated at the 2015 Africa Youth Awards representing Rwanda in Young Film Personalities of the Year.
Most of the actors portrayed in the film LIZA were later on called to act in several movies, for they were seen acting in LIZA!
MUHIRE was also selected as one of 2016 Queen’s Young Leader Highly Recommended Runners Up in the Queen's Young Leaders Awards due to the fact that he uses his skills to transform lives.
Most of those who watch film LIZA on YouTube give positive comments and feedback.


Low budget: The filmmaker was passionate about sharing the story with very little funds and support he had. The reason why the image or sound may not be good!

Trauma: During the shooting of LIZA, some actresses were traumatized when they were playing a scene of an uncle raping LIZA. This was very challenging as the crew has stopped to shoot the movie and continued the shooting some days after. This cost some extra money for his budget and that was not very good for the team!


Muhire learnt to be resourceful while the budget is limited. He also learn to tell many stories of those bad issues that can happen in many communities. I have heard my family say that they need to watch films like LIZA because it is helpful and show the kind of world we are living in today! I think MUHIRE will continue to write those kind of stories.