I am already working as consultant in Education Sector with government of Sindh Pakistan. I found in my working area small numbers of girls are enrolled in schools; and don't get education due to poverty and hunger. I need to Improve Girls Education in Rural and Deserted Areas in Division Mirpurkhas, in three districts of Mirpurkhas. Age 4-7 years girls to enroll in schools and to continue them up to 0 level education. If there is financial support to girls and their family girls access school. Open bank account of their parents name of marginalized families who are willing to send their girls for education. Donor directly transferred amount in their account. Minimum amount 10 dollars per month for each student. Each year 100 dollars approximately required for one year. I assure approximately I can enroll 3000 girls of age 4-7 in government and private schools. This enrollment will be separate form these schools regular enrollment.


Improve girls education in marginalized family.

Girl students dropout to be reduced.

Continued education one attractive package for girls and other donors to support girls for continue education from class 1 to 0 level education.

Each and every girls' enrollment will increase education in the area.


Area was identified. New education of this area will start from March 2016.

Campaign will be started through FM Radio, community meetings. District and Taluka level workshop will be conducted.10 Corner meetings with community and all stakeholders at U.C levels. those U.C will be selected which easily excess and most populated areas but parents not able to pay their children's school excess fee.


This most decent way to start increasing the girls enrollment in government and private schools. Government also support and community also appreciate at all level. It is innovative and supporting approach to all stakeholders for improving girls education especially age group 4-7. up to "O" level. Day by day enrollment decreasing of girls in schools. it is support to all and weI feel happy when marginalised family earning half Dollar per day family girls got education.


Improve enrolment is schools government and private.
family interest increase in girls education.
Government enrollment increasing of girls in schools problem solved.
Family girls will be educated.
Girls dropout form schools decreased.
Girls will consider literate.
After marriage she must enrolled their children in school.


Donor must continue donation monthly basis up to girls "O" level.


Other donor also adopted same project for improving girls from age 4-7 to "O" level.