Music for Toilets

Music for Toilets is a campaign designed to raise awareness and funding for addressing the sanitation crisis faced by millions of Nigerians with Disability. Every year, Grace Jerry and the Inclusive Friends November 19th holds breathtaking concerts with a goal of dismantling barriers faced by millions of persons with disabilities in accessing safe water and clean toilets in their communities. Proceeds of the concerts is channeled towards providing accessible toilets and safe water for schools serving children with disabilities in Nigeria.


Music for Toilets seeks to bring benefits of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) closer to children with disabilities in Nigeria through provision of accessible facilities and hygiene education.


Objectives for the "Music for Toilets" was achieved through advocacy, fundraising and collaborations with partners and supporters.

Also the campaign allowed for participatory approach thereby allowing for greater participation of the disabled community in Plateau, this contributed immensely to credibility and sustainability of the project.


Music for Toilets is a very innovative campaign considering the concept and approach to solving the increasing sanitation crisis. Through Music for Toilets, Grace Jerry and the Inclusive Friends have activated the power of music and arts as tools for change and community mobilization. In a time where there is so much reliance on aids and Government, Grace Jerry and the team have shown through the campaign that everybody has amazing gifts that if well utilized can make our world a better place.


1. Six schools serving children with Disabilities in Plateau State, Nigeria have solar powered borehole and improved sanitation options.

2.Increased awareness on the rights of children with disabilities to accessible Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities in schools.

3. Increased number of enrollment and school attendance for children with disabilities.

4. More girls with Disabilities in target schools are managing their bodies with dignity and privacy because of accessible school toilets.

5. Increased awareness on the experiences of persons with disabilities in accessing toilets and water in their communities.


The biggest challenge faced during the campaign was addressing the high level misconceptions surrounding disability and persons with disabilities in our country.


We can end the sanitation crisis with more commitment and sincerity from everyone passionate about the health of children with disabilities.