Social justice for all

This campaign started as a war declaration against corruption in justice. The association I preside was implementing a training for trainers in Chisinau. Unfortunately not all the participants on the list came in on the activity so our association sent the final report (including the expenses and the utilized funds till then according to the list of the attendees). On the other hand, the Romanian Agency, the intermediary in allocating European funds for this project, sent to Brussels a final report of the project based on another list, which was not according to the reality in order to close the project and mischievously take the afferent grant from us. Much more, we were told by the Romanian Agency that our project was not validated because it did not obtain the maximum requested scores, so we should have paid back the sum calculated according to a budget they made according to the fake list previously mentioned.


To expose the corruption and solve the present case according to the real facts, not to a chimera represent our objectives. Approving the narrative report the association made for the project in Chisinau and the payments towards both the participants and trainers, not to the Romanian Agency, who intermediated the grants – that is what we want to achieve.
And to replace me in the true value of me for can increase my projects for my community.


Even if the Romanian Agency closed the project at Brussels using a false signature list (as it is attested by the OLAF documents), the association has been struggling since 2007 with the Romanian legal system to prove the fraud and it is determined to win this fight. Although the Agency’s demarches were meant to denigrate the president and dissolve the association, the effects were quite the opposite, because the organization has gained more international visibility, being involved in various projects (as it appears on the Facebook page of the president of this association).


The innovation consists in the fact that the president’s leading abilities and her sense of justice, her righteousness defy the obstacles and involve the organization in lots of projects all over the world as a valuable partner. In 2012 she participated in the ONU summit in Rio, because a bunch of the association voluntaries were the winners of the Global Competition of Music. Since then she keeps sending volunteers in different projects that helped them to improve themselves and their professional skills.


Today, because of the continuous improvement due to the projects she participated in, Nicoleta is beyond the experimented president of Youth for Free 2006, a devoted mentor inspector in Physics, member in the Educational Management Experts Board, FOND member since the 2008 and a great CIVICUS member starting with 2015, always a fighter for justice.
Now peoples around the world which know the situation it encourages me for continue the war till the truth will be recognized by the UE and CEDO and take measure against all the procurators and judges which give false resolutions of the true story maintaining the offenders in the same high position were running the UE grands .


This is a challenge by itself that I hope it soon gets to an end.
But the biggest challenge is that with help of God I can resist to all the pressures made by the police through the false solution of the case. And my courage to continue the fight of optucpus of mafia with the head at UE till my small town. Because of this octupus, now our areas is finish. All the big factories was closed and the people forced to migrate. Through my war now a lot of people return to me for sustain me. And in parallel with this ugly war I bring the Perach programme in Romania and now I'm responsable for this over Romania.
All this transformation was possible because my colleagues from FOND keep me like member and allowed me to met big persons from UE and UN and CONCORD which adviced me.


To trust in own abilities and fight fearlessly against any type of corruption.

But never fight without GOD!

So in parallel with this war I continue to teach and to participate at international projects and to represent Romania at UN summit in Rio with my voluntaries, because we were the global winner of Global Music Context with the song Open your eyes. It was interesting that in 2012 our prime minister cut the grands for the Romanian delegation but you were there! Even today I continue to live in my prison town I reopen all the folders from justice till UE.