Fight Acid Violence

The campaign is 'Acid Attack against Women in Bangladesh'. It includes survey and data collection about acid attacks, interviews of the acid survivors, representatives of concerned organizations, doctors, journalists. The next phase includes script writing, shooting and editing, and finally, a documentary film was produced titled "Fight Acid Violence".


Create social awareness to stop acid attacks.
Help the acid attack survivors to get proper treatment, care and rehabilitation.
Influence the government and law enforcement department to take necessary steps against the perpetrators,
Ensure highest punishment for perpetrators.


The documentary film was screened in the film festivals at national and international levels. It received appreciation and support from all viewers and created mass awareness.


This is the first time that a female activist has produced a documentary film on a very sensitive issue like acid attacks. It received the "International Humanitarian Silver Award" at the World Humanitarian Awards in September 2015. Earlier the film received the "Audience Award" at the Bangladesh Women Film Society in the 2nd International Film Festival Bangladesh in March 2015.


The attitude of the community people towards acid attack victims has been changed. The acceptance of acid attack victims in the family and the society has been increased. The organizations taking care of acid attack survivors got international recognition and funding support to rehabilitate the acid attack survivors. Finally, the survivors have got self-confidence and mental strength.


At the initial stage, there was no support for this campaign. Survivors and others did not want to speak about this issue. Fund was not enough for making a film. There was a chance of revenge by the perpetrators. To fight violence against women is still a big challenge.


Humanitarian work demandS dedication and determination. Any Campaign against a Crime has to face challenges. But ultimately, this can be solved if there is a strong determination, dedication and concentration to fight for a good cause and achieve success.