Upendo Junior School

Dr Masibo Lumala started Upendo Junior School in 2008 after the 2007-2008 Kenyan post-election violence. The school at the time sought to cater for internally displaced children in Kenya. The school was based in Dr Masibo's house where these young souls, thirsty to get education would meet. Over the years, Dr Masibo has grown the school to take up the poor children from his community. His relentless efforts have touched the hearts of his community by providing education to as many people as he can. He has from time to time sacrificed his monthly earnings and invested in the school as he believes education is the key to growth and development.


One of the objectives by Dr Masibo was to provide education to young kenyan children from Kiminini without basing their credibility on social or economic background.
His objective was also to create a society that believes in the education of the girl child just as much as that of the boy child.
Dr Masibo also sought to bring up young children in a surrounding that builds their confidence and teaches them to be visionary and go getters.
He also sought to set an example to the people of Kiminini that they can bring change to their surroundings from the least of ways.


First and foremost, he started the institution in his house. The institution admitted students from all walks of life paying no attention to how wealthy they were. He further went forward to reach out to different people in Kiminini to bring their children to school.
Second, he particularly held forums in Kiminini to ask parents to take their girl children to school. He started the 'Msichana Asome' campaign, Swahili for: let the girl child be educated. This pushed more and more parents to take their girls to school.
For his school,he used a learning model that allowed these young souls to grow into confident beings. He introduced a life skills session where these young children were taught certain important values from a tender age.
Finally, through all the works Dr Masibo has done, from his school, to paying school fees for certain students for their tertiary education among many more, he has set an outstanding example for not only the people of Kiminini but the world at large.


He started the 'Msichana Asome' campaign, Swahili for: let the girl child learn. Through this campaign, he reached out to hundreds of families in Kiminini urging them to take their girl children to school. He made posters as well as called forums to educate the people of Kiminini.


Very many girls in Kiminini have now started taking education seriously. The number of girls in schools went up as well as the number of girls at Upendo Junior School, his school. This actions melted his heart as well as the thank you notes he received.


The biggest challenge for him has been funding himself as he is mainly dependant on his salary as a university teacher. Another challenge has also been convincing the masses to embrace education in a very ignorant community.


Through him, I have learnt that I can be impactful from the least of means. He has pushed me to go for my dreams as all it needs is a persevering heart that believes in passion.
He has also taught me the importance of giving back to the community.