Uganda Peace Foundation

Uganda Peace Foundation was established by me (George Darlington Hashaka) when I retired from the National Resistance Army(NRA) now Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) in 1994.
When I retired from the National Resistance Army(NRA) I undertook research on the root causes of conflicts/insecurity. I undertook the research work because Uganda-my country- has been engrossed in armed conflicts and insecurity since its birth.Also because I was a victim of these conflicts as a serving soldier of the Uganda Army(UA) and the National Resistance Army(NRA). You are aware of the adverse effects of armed conflicts in the host countries and in the neighbouring countries. Even as I make this application there are two rebel groups which originated in Uganda and are wrecking havoc in the neighbouring countries. The rebel groups are the Allied Democratic Forces(ADF) in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) and the Lord's Resistance Army(LRA) in the DRC, Central African Republic( CAR) and in Sudan.


I established Uganda Peace Foundation,as a Not for Profit organisation to address the root causes of conflicts/insecurity in Uganda and the entire world.
As per the outcome of the research, the root causes entail poverty coupled with unemployment and other social ills. The objectives of Uganda Peace Foundation entail the implementation of the Village Earth model.With the history of armed conflicts in Uganda and the high poverty level in the country,we intend to empower ten million people in a period of 15 years. It is a multi-sector strategy to develop which factors : Public Health/Sanitation, Agriculture/Forestry, Business/Industry,Banking/Finance,Infrastructure/Public Works and Education/Training. And a peace creation campaign.


The objectives will be realised by the strong vibrant committed members of the Board of Trustees of Uganda Peace Foundation who will collaborate with the author of the Village Earth model based at Fort Collins-USA, the Government of Uganda and other governments, all multilateral and national organisations working on similar objectives,the private sector both in Uganda and worldwide, academia, the donor community, and the involvement of the masses in Uganda.
State of the art management principles will be pursued by both the Board of Trustees and the Senior Management Team for successful sustainability of the organisation.


Combining poverty eradication with peace building efforts. Though the United Nations, the Center for International Cooperation and Security(CICS) of University of Bradford of United Kingdom, the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts (GPPAC) and the World Microfinance Summit have advocated for such a strategy, it is Uganda Peace Foundation that has first practically taken up the implementation of such a strategy.


The campaign impact has been felt in Uganda as over 7, 000 members have been organized in all the regions of Uganda and trained on business development, peaceful skills, Millennium Development Goals( MDGs) and the Village Earth model.
I have also advocated for poverty coupled with unemployment and other social ills such as HIV/AIDs to be root causes of conflicts/ insecurity. Resolution 1308 of the United Nations Security Council recognises HIV/ AIDs as an international security threat.
I have advocated for the aforementioned in Uganda and abroad especially during the World Veterans Federation(WVF) Peace and Security Summit that was held in Stockholm, Sweden in May 2013 and the International Peace Bureau( IPB) Triennial Gathering that was held in Stockholm, Sweden in September 2013.
With the realisation of funding for the Village Earth model,poverty can be eradicated in Uganda and sustainable peace/security in Uganda can be guaranteed.


Failure of the politicians in Uganda to realise the need of supporting non traditional peace and development programmes initiated by non governmental organisations, and securing funding for such a magnitude of a program.


The masses are eager to receive support from such a program of unusual strategy and are willing to support peace in the country, though some are willing to resort to armed conflicts to change leadership in the country which they think have kept them in poverty.
Though I have mentioned funding of such a program as the Village Earth model being very challenging to secure with continued net working, prospect research and fundraising activities funding for the program will be realised.