140journos is a counter media movement that aims to maintain free flow of information. This is a pressing need in Turkey due to filtered and censored news reporting of the traditional media. The organization takes its name from the character limit of Twitter. It is founded by two friends who were against disinformation and censorship in the Turkish media. 140journos publishes information about elections, protests, trials, LGBT rights, and Kurdish activism, backed by more than 300 volunteer content creators and information verifiers. What is particularly interesting about 140 journos is that its sources are solely citizen-driven.

Success Achieved

140 journos became particularly important and useful during the Gezi Park protests when mainstream media systematically refused to show protests and purposefully misinformed citizens regarding extreme police violence and brutality against peaceful protestors. Citizens tweeted facts about the protests from their whereabouts and informed a larger community of people. Therefore protestors and a larger group of audience were able to receive up to date and rapid information as a large number of tweets including pictures were sent via 140 journos official twitter address.

Challenges Faced

Recently Freedom House declared the state of press freedom in Turkey as "not free". Similarly the Committee to Protect Journalists state that its most recent prison census in December 2013 show that the country was holding at least 40 journalists behind bars. Therefore in an environment where journalists are under attack and mainstream media is censored, entities such as 140 journos and its contributors are not functioning in en enabling environment in terms of press freedom. This is also backed by Prime Minister Erdogan's words as he stated during the Gezi Park protests that "social media is the worst menace to society."

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