Increasing the humanity, mankind and improving environment through tree plantation and saplings, vegetables seeds pocket donation. Humanity and mankind increase one starts to love and care nature. Awareness is the best way to achieve good result of any program. That is why my nominee deliver awareness speech about the importance of tree plantation and then donate and plant it from his age of four. Till he has covered many places especially he covered more school children because he believes today children are the tomorrow's nation pillar. Moreover the matter reaches optimum level among the school children and they also start to do the same work. Other than this he works in the field of helping orphanage by collecting clothes etc. Recently he worked for flood affected people in his area and he submitted flood control design to the government to recover his area from flood in every monsoon season. To change our mother planet earth green, clean and fill it with peace is his motto.

Success Achieved

Every peer group start to do environmental activities in their area after attending his awareness classes and so they spent more time on gardening and awareness activities than online games and shows, they show interest in planting trees and they came to know about the importance of keeping environment green and clean.

Creating the interest to keep environment good through our campaign after understand about the importance of nature is our innovative idea. More over any parent insist their children to close games of television, make the children adamant and they wont do what their parents said. But in his awareness work they gather information and got interest of their own and start to do green activities. So the sharing and flexible quality is increased among children. Bring back humanity through tree plantation is his innovative idea.

Challenges Faced

Due to my young age first all are questioning how is this possible etc. After explaining my ideas clearly they agree to do activities in their area. Getting permission is my biggest challenge to implement my project.

Lessons Learnt

Children learn more than adults and they implement what they learn without delay.

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Guru Vishnu Mathivanan

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