Bullets of God Youth Empowerment programme

Bullets of God is a Youth -Charity Programme that is built on Christian foundations and based on biblical principles, geared up for young people to envision a community in which every young person is responsible, spiritually sound, academically acquainted, community oriented and socially relevant. This allows each of them to develop their full potential, capable of being productive members of society.

The organisation in a nutshell has a clear mandate which is to serve and penetrate young people in various communities at this time. This the organization does by conducting outreach programmes occasional such as building houses, building schools, conducting group sessions and many other exciting thing.

It thus mobilizes young people and uses them do these great works. Young people in turn acquire great skills such as building skills, painting skills, communication skills and many other essential skills. Thus the campaign has been very relevant and effective in the communities.


The organizations main objectives are:
-To be a youth organization that caters primarily for our local community social and physical needs with the primary aim of poverty alleviation
-To serve and penetrate young people in various communities at this time.
-To envision a community in which every young person is spiritually sound, academically acquainted, socially relevant and community oriented.
-To be a leading youth campaign that trains other youth leaders who can be able to create the same impact in their respective communities and can also be able to establish their own organizations.


The compaign has used outreach charity programs to reach as many young people as possible in various communities such as social upliftment programs, where in one case a very poor young person had been identified who had lost her mother. She would not have the financial means to bury her mother and have a dignified funeral for her mother. The campaign managed to mobilize more than 30 young people, raised funds from them and from schools. In short a sum of more than ZAR 10,000 was raised and the young girls mother was given a great dignified funeral.

The organization did not end there, it was able to secure a bursary for her from a school were she was then able complete her senior secondary school years. The organisation has also worked hand in hand with other campaigns who have similar objectives to build more inclusive societies, A school, a house and other things were built as a result of these partnerships.


The campaign has very innovative ways of mobilizing young people in communities. It firstly identifies a need in a specific community, let's say for example a certain community is in need of a preschool or community center. It takes its own team of at least 5 people, raises funds, builds the creche, in no time more than 20 people from a certain community are mobilized, they assist. They are then able to develop building and painting skills which they can use to create the own career paths. The creches that are built are in turn also a beneficiary for the entire communities as children can now have a place to be safe and to not be involved in unsafe activities.


The campaign has had a very great impact in our communities. Not only have young peoples lives have been changed, but has benefited the communities at large. To name but a few of the projects that have been done by the campaign , it was the Building of an Early Childhood Development Center using its own young people's funds. Toka Moeketsi the leader of the campaign and always had a dream to build a center for a community, that would ensure that young people don't roam around the streets but have a place where they can do their extra mural and schooling activities. Together with his team he manged to identify a mother who had been keeping small children. It was then decided by him that an ECDC school should be built.

The school currently accommodates more than 80 percent of that community's kids. This has without a doubt had a great impact in the community as many children could not attend school and would be roaming around in the streets but are now able to attend school.


The biggest challenges faced by the campaign are that of lack of resources such as funding and operational resources.Lack of funding for the organization is one of the greatest challenges it faces Simply because all of the team members are still students and are the sole funders of the campaign, this then makes it a big challenge to gain the required funds at a required time. The others are of course operational resources such as equipment, venue or transportation to go to these places.

This is another great challenge as because it has no fixed venue meeting have to be held in team members' respective homes to host meetings, hold discussions and plan. A big challenge is also transportation, the organization has to spend a lot of money to hire transportation so as to transport the respective team members, and material to be used. The organization is training by all means to create innovative ways to raise fund such as starting a recycling business which will generate income for it.


The biggest challenges face by the Donor is that He is a young person and is currently studying. This makes it a challenge at times for him to lead young people who are of his age and maintain control. The other is that because he leads the organization and therefore makes the biggest sacrifices, at times he sacrifices most of his pocket money to fund this projects.

At times also because of his age, people will sometimes underestimate him and not provide the campaign with funding as they feel he is too young to be doing these things. Time management makes it difficult for him to balance between leading the organization and his studies. He however in spite of all challenges manages to overcome these challenges.


A lot of lessons have been learnt from this great campaign and philanthropist. Firstly it has shown us as young people to care for the less vulnerable, as many of the programmes are charity based.

It has taught us how to give without expecting to get back any thing in return. Secondly it has taught us building and painting skills. These we can use everywhere we go in life and can also use them as our careers. We can also use these skills by building and painting in our own homes.

It has also taught us saving and investment in viable projects that will benefit our communities and our nation as a whole. It has also built a lot of confidence in us as young people as we can now see that we can contribute in other peoples lives and make them better. This has made us thus feel valuable in our communities as people who can activities change and transform societies.Most importantly we have learnt sacrifice and also interpersonal and communication skills have been learned and gained.




This philanthropist is one of the bravest people I know, mostly because he does things that would mostly be done by young people. We never thought first of all that we would ever raise money and build a school for a community.

He doesn't look at the fact that we are young and might be challenged financially but always sees the bigger picture.He also has so much care and compassion for the poor, the ideas he brings and vision he initiates are beyond reproach. He also has great courage to stand up for what he believes in, for example he is a strong advocate for the liberation of the economically marginalized.

He is not afraid to tackle and bring in the most innovative ideas to tackle poverty head on.


South Africa