Taleem Zamunga Haq (Education my Right)

Pakhtun and other tribal communities who are strictly following their code of life for keeping their girls and women bounded to their four walled houses as housewives only.

In our campaign we work for awareness and formal education for girls in area. Philanthropist not only donated her self but she in her campaign made the network of her friends to donate for the same.


1: Convince parents and community to not discriminate in girls and boys, send their girls to school in rural and tribal areas.
2: Arrange scholarship programs through funds and donations to support the poor family girls
3: Drive of admitting girls in schools in rural and tribal areas.
4: Readmit those girls who were dropout (or Left ) from schools due to early child marriages and financial constraints.
3: Change the educated girls into a lot who earn a livelihood
5: The alumni of this program would keep their share in taking the program ahead to keep sustainability
6: Screening of short film sessions and discussions that will keep other youths and social activist focus on the girls’ education by their own.


1: The campaign on girls’ education throughout the rural areas is known and now selected community leaders are working as supporters.
2: Admitted twenty six girls in schools who are regular students and beneficiaries of Gandhara scholarship program.
3: Forty-five other girls are (those who left education due to early child marriages) also beneficiaries of Gandhara scholarship program who can’t be regular student but privately appeared in exams to continue their education.
4: One of the scholarship holders has become community mid wife and other school teacher after completing their education.
5: Five children whose father was killed by Taliban are now paid through this scholarship program and have kept education on.
6: Many of parents who are able to finance their children are no more stopping their school going girls.
7:The campaigner has a network of several ambassadors who work for the same cause on girls education by their own.


1: Threefold activities a) convince those who afford but don’t send their girls, arrange funds for those who can’t afford and convince more people to work on same cause.
2:As the Pakhtun community house or Hujra was not open for women participants; The campaigner participated in the gatherings at Hujra and Its a change in code of life and opening ways.
3: The film screening is one of the first of its form to highlight the issue on street, village’s level and even in educational Institutions.
4: Use of social media to motivate friends and individuals to donate to work on girls education.
5: Designing/ selling products at events to support girls’ education.
6: Using indigenous (community meetings) to modern methods (social media and film).


1: Hundreds of girls are going to schools in different districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa &Fata.
2:Total of 71 girls (both regular private exams) who were unable to go to school/ colleges/ universities are now able through scholarship program we provided
3: Many of families, youths and social activists are changed into preachers for girls education.
4: Provincial Radio offered the radio program with same name (Taleem Zamung Haq) to campaigner after her campaign (On air on every Friday morning 11-12 am)
5: hundreds of female children are now capable going to school in areas where education was looked on as sin by tribal codes


1: The worst form of campaign when one is taught the benefits of education for his/her children and they say "you are converting us into westernize society".
2: Fear of extremist minded who are seeing social activism as a hurdle in their way of politics or traditions
3: It was hard to prove for campaigners that it’s not for profit and actually initiated and supported by the local people.
4: Convincing communities who stick to their forefathers traditions is hard and need patience.
5: Organizing charity shows to collect funds and convincing people to fund the school going girls is hard but not impossible.


1) The Donor started her self from three kids and now many are struggling hard with her but still its not easy to convince other to do the same.
2) Another important thing is when she lost job and started freelancing it was hard for her to support the kids she took responsibility of. 3) When the extremist minded felt that its something to westernize them and their people. 4) Threats from unknown to stop her campaign. 5) Unknown guys contacted her friends and supporters to stop supporting her and her campaign. 6) Living in the war zone and struggling for most targeted issue of girls education.


1: Breaking the taboos and convincing the community is time consuming job and need patience
2: Nothing is impossible if there is will there's a way
3: For achieving the best possible results one has to use all the methods, tools, ways to reach one common goal
4: Adding and networking with the like minded people will help to achieve your goals easily
5: Campaigners started from 3 children; now 71 are directly attached to scholarship program; hundreds of others are going to school who were never possible to do so.
6: the indigenous and the local methods and ways to convince the community will help you to have a larger number of supporters and best possible results




Girls education is banned in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA by the extremist militant organizations, where hundreds of schools are bombed, teachers, students killed not least but the last Malala Yousafzai was in the same area when she was targeted for the girls education, awareness and human rights campaigns, and it was the sole reason she was targeted then explained by a hardliner Taliban leader to be a western agenda. So philanthropy in girls education in this part of world is absolutely a bravo job because in this atmosphere you work in fear and threat and don't care them because the cause of girls education is supreme for you.