Game Changers

Around the world, there are smart, brave and passionate individuals, local heroes with innovative ideas that have the potential to solve the most pressing issues faced by children in their community and in their country. These Game Changers, as we call them, need support, expertise, funding and acknowledgment, to enable them to turn their ideas into sustainable social enterprises that can create a large-scale and long-lasting change in children’s lives.

MTG started the Game Changers campaign, in collaboration with the non-profit organization Reach for Change, to find and help develop the most promising Game Changers to improve children’s lives and activate the power of social entrepreneurship in 10 countries where the company operates.

MTG stands for the costs of the initiative for 3 years, incl. seed funding to selected Game Changers and their participation in Reach for Change’s incubator program where they will develop their idea. MTG also provides expertise and communication.


The core objective of the initiative is to improve the lives of children through social innovation. This is realized through two supporting objectives:

1) Building a movement of change agents. MTG want to get a large number of people engage in the initiative. By showing the power of social entrepreneurship, MTG wants to demonstrate that one person, with the right idea and the right support, can make a real change in their community. MTG wants to inspire smart, brave and passionate individuals to become Game Changers!

2) Boosting social innovation. MTG wants to identify the social innovators with the highest potential, and support them in the development of their idea to turn them into sustainable social ventures with large-scale impact.


A campaign concept was designed to combine the unique strengths of both MTG and Reach for Change. The concept, Game Changers, is based on a public competition between pre-selected social entrepreneurs.

The campaign is built in four steps:
1) Reach for Change and MTG make a joint call for ideas that improve the lives of children, with an inspiring communication campaign in each country of implementation.

2) Reach for Change, selects 3-8 strong social entrepreneurs with high potential ideas for improving children’s lives in each market – the Game Changers finalists.

3) MTG viewers, followers, and audience members are encouraged to select a winning Game Changer in each market.

4) All finalists receive support to develop their ideas in the Reach for Change incubator. The winners also receive financial support.

The Game Changers initiative was implemented in 10 countries in 2014: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ghana, and Tanzania.


With the Game Changers campaign, MTG supports local social entrepreneurs through a world-class incubator, which helps them scale their solutions into impactful, sustainable organizations. The campaign partner, Reach for Change, runs a 3-5 years incubator for social entrepreneurs focusing on children.
The incubator offers seed funding, business development, and network, and enables entrepreneurs to scale faster and more successfully, thereby being able to help more children.

This constitutes a real innovation in how to address most pressing issues within the local community, by enabling and supporting local talents. The campaign combines the best of the business and of the social worlds, in an innovative and long-term collaboration.


In 2014:
• The initiative was launched in 10 countries,
• 799 ideas about how to improve the lives of children were submitted
• 49,000 votes were submitted by the public to select their favorite idea,
• 37 social entrepreneurs were selected as Game Changers finalists to enter Reach for Change incubator,
• 10 social entrepreneurs were chosen as the Game Changers winners, receiving additional support from MTG and Reach for Change,
• 38,000 children received support from the Game Changers finalists and have seen improvement in their lives.

“This program has changed my daughter’s life. She is finally able to stand on her own.” Mother of Kamile, 9 years old, supported by the Game Changers finalist Ineta Baukiéne, Lithuania.

In 2015:
• The initiative was implemented in 6 countries
• About 400 ideas were submitted,
• More than 28,000 votes were submitted by the public,
• 65 candidates were supported in an Accelerator program
• 25 candidates were selected to enter R4C's Incubator.


• Coordinating a campaign across 10 countries with considerable differences in local contexts.
• Providing sufficient guidance and support centrally while allowing needed flexibility for successful implementation
• Creating interest and drive for Social Entrepreneurship in countries where the concept is still unknown.

Some Game Changers local websites -


• Coordinating a campaign across 10 countries with considerable differences in local contexts.
• Providing sufficient guidance and support centrally while allowing needed flexibility for successful implementation


There is a real value created in support early stage social entrepreneurs, to create social impact. The application and selection process itself must be seen as valuable learning period for the applicants, even though they are not selected to the Incubator program.

Results from a survey of Game Changers applicants 2014 show that:
- 86% of the respondents were satisfied with the support provided by MTG and Reach for Change during the application and selection process.

- 73% of the respondents stated that their idea has developed during the selection process, and 74% stated that their entrepreneurial skills have developed.

- 98% of the respondents state that they will continue to work on their ideas, or plan to work on it in the near future.

- 86% of the respondents are willing to apply again to become a Game Changer.

That is why, in the second year of the campaign, we have implemented a new phase in the selection process, the Accelerator program, before the final selection.




Modern Times Group, shows with the Game Changers initiative, a real act of Brave Philanthropy. They make the choice to invest in early stage social ventures; smart, brave and passionate individuals with great ideas for children, who are the ones who lack the most funding and support. Taking this leap of faith in a real act of bravery. But the first two years of campaign have shown the power of social entrepreneurship and have demonstrated that the right idea, in the hand of the right person, receiving the right support, can make a real changes in local communities and can eventually create a long-term and large scale impact for children.