Billion Tree Plantation; Green Wall; Awareness on Society Development; CITIZENS’ LIVELIHOOD, Welfare of Tribal; Health

Billion Tree Plantation: Taken up on our shoulders to embark on a massive scale plantation and social afforestation with our target of One Billion Trees in India.
Green Wall - Maintain Biodiversity, Project works for the plantation of palm, Bamboo, Mangrove trees around the coastal belt; Based on the scientific research which helps trees to reduce the damage caused by heavy rain fall and floods.
Awareness on Society Development:on Environment, Diseases, and Hygiene (Via Media, Pamphlets, Video, Speech, SMS, Emails, Seminars)
Citizens' LIvelihood: Welfare of Tribal, Fisheries: About individuals through programmes in Adult education, medicine, Personal Development, Securing Life (Health and Term Insurance), Better Living, Women empowerment.
Health On Wheels : Medical Treatment for Needy People, mechanism to provide outreach services in rural and remote areas.
Health Care 24 X 7: Hospital service to deadly disease, overall health care treatments for BPL people in rural areas.


Identification of land suitable for Plantation to make thick Forest. Protect Nature, Protest Pollution,
Save Coastal Citizens' Livelihood, Reduce Direct Impact from Floods,Flourishing Coastal Areas and Archipelagos, Magnificent Coastal Landscape, Non-Toxic Environment,Reduced Climate Impact, Protect Ozone Layer, Rich Diversity of Plant and Animal Life,Sustainable Forests ,Balanced Marine Environment,Clean Air.

To strengthen socio-economic development of Tribal families through implementation Of various livelihood enhancement,
Antenatal, Postnatal check up - tetanus toxoid, iron and folic acid tablets, basic laboratory tests such as hemoglobin, urine for sugar and albumin and referral for other tests as required; complicated pregnancies.


A future for us and the next generations, we are working to make our ideals a reality. Spearheaded by Dr Murali Krishna, turning dreams to deeds with his concept of Billion Tree Plantation.

Most of our days start with working on the plantations. To enliven our Billion Tree Plantation we have our own nurseries and green houses. These plants are then distributed to various organizations, Government and Non government based Institutions and sects for plantations around their premises and surroundings. To Date planted 2 Million Plants around India.

Green wall: Planted more Than 1,940,000 of palm trees about the coastal belt around 250 Km length. We happy to say that we got Indian Plantation record (Limca Book of Record, India Book of Record) Plantation done in 6 Hours , Number of plants 1940000, in 250 Km.

Awareness Campaigns : To date we done more than 700 campaigns.

Health Care: 18,000 Ill People got benefited by end 2015.

Health 24 X 7: Patient 55 Treated for Chronic illnesses.


Environmental protection covering the community. Areas at risk of floods, droughts and tsunami to save people from heavy damage. Mangrove ecosystem is simple in specific composition of both fauna and flora, it is highly productive as a biological resource, as wood, fuel, fish, shrimp, mollusks and so on.

Many people gain their daily livelihood directly or indirectly from mangrove forest. Citizens' Livelihood for: Education Of Adults, Medical Care- Consultancy, Hospitalization
accidental Insurance, Counseling to Individual, on Studies, Job, Hygiene.

Find Drop outs, Personal development Computer, Type, Games, dance, Painting, Chess, Yoga , Education Of Kids, Evening Tuition, Self employment: jute bags making, Paper bags, Honey.


Restoration, Plantation and Conservation of ecosystem along the eastern coast line of India with active community participation in way of inclusion of various livelihood activities:
- Contributing towards capacity building of coastal communities and staff of Forest Department for community based mangrove regeneration as part of integrated coastal zone management.
- Increasing the mangrove cover in coastal areas through extensive plantations of mangroves in potential coastal and inland areas
- Enriching the marine biodiversity by restoring selected coral species and mangroves species in the coastal line of eastern India
- Changing Thoughts of Local public People by Global worming , and Regular life threatening Diseases,
- Increase citizen’s cooperation day by day with our activities, and motivate by others.
- Increase medical awareness on disease. And looking from us more Medical camps in their Villages.


After 26th December 2004 tsunami the role of mangroves and other coastal vegetation in mitigating the impact of tsunami was evaluated scientifically .

Tsunami mitigating role of coastal vegetation was studied at macro level using pre and post tsunami high resolution remote sensing imageries. This study was carried by several researchers (bioshield) plantations raised. The total length of the coast covered in this study was about 20 km and the land up to 1 km from the shoreline was taken up for the assessment.

The height of the tsunami that hit these coastal areas was about 4.5m. Using Quick Bird satellite imagery of May 2003. I Got Plantation record (from Limca Book of Record, and India Book of Record on 03-10-2015) Plantation done within 6 Hours, Number of plants 1,940,000, in 250 Km across coastal line, touching with 94 Villages, Involved by 5000 workmen in single event.


I do Medical Practice, so when I do my activities with a certain budget there is always increasing budget with unknown mishanding of money by people, with political and non political event,
Most of the funds I use without implementing activity without any propaganda by view of political benefit, when we do activity there is always political interfere and it will increase budget the budget.


Very hard to get villagers support for protection of environment. Because they are illiterate, and to join each other in their villages because of community and Politics.

We do service, but local leaders disturb us to take under their control, some places they demand money from us for several activities all we passed.

Lessons learnt by Tsunami, It is evident that while the built up structures were pulled down or flooded away in the Tsunami of 2004, the trees and Green Wall developed across the coast stood as a protective fence against the force and the velocity of the Tsunami. Therefore, it is a lesson that across the vulnerable coasts, development of tree plantations is one such workable option. I made it a point that development of Green Wall covering the coastal line

Citizens neglecting their health, while we do several awareness and Medical Consultations, still they neglect and use more alcohol and tobacco. Never disappointed, we keep on increasing Medical Camps.




Need to do some this to my nation and world as well.
It is time to show and teach the new generation to volunteer time and money.
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