BE THE CHANGE is a global public awareness campaign around citizen action and `civic space’. 

What we aim to achieve

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all people, everywhere in the world, have the right to speak out, to organise, and to take action. These rights – the freedoms of association, assembly and expression - give us the freedom to form groups, to join organisations and to peacefully protest for the things we want – and to counter the things we don’t. These freedoms are called `civic space’ and are an essential part of a vibrant society; where debate and discussion thrive, and where people are able to contribute to important decisions that affect them.

In many places around the world civic space is under threat. Countries have passed laws that restrict citizen’s freedoms or make operations or financing for civil society groups difficult; in some cases they’ve increased the surveillance of ordinary citizens, activists and civil society organisations; and in others there’s been direct repression and arrests. Civil society also faces threats from non-state actors, including powerful corporate entities, extremist right-wing and fundamentalist groups. 

BE THE CHANGE seeks to inspire and celebrate citizen action and thereby raise awareness about `civic space’, the importance of it and our need to protect it. 

How the platform works

You can get involved either through sharing a story of actions or campaigns that you or someone you know have undertaken, or that you find inspiring, that has successfully led to positive social change. 

Through the platform you can share photos and videos; comment on, like and share your own posts and those of others (like you would on social media) and you can browse the `lessons learnt’ by others around the world as they play their part in being the change.